How to Deal with Bullying When Working from Home

I recently read a book by Annie Clayton called “Brilliant, but not Bullied: Workplace Bullying Unveiled: Take Back Control of Your Career.” While I personally have not dealt with workplace bullying, I thought it provided some great information, and that a lot of it could be useful for people who work from home that have dealt

Happy Birthday!

  It’s hard to believe, but this site is now a year old (actually over a year old, I started the original blog on a site on July 8, 2014!).  I hope this site has provided everyone with valuable tips. I’m sorry I’ve been rather slack with posting content the past few months, but

Three Reasons Why I Love Working from Home

People start working from home for different reasons – they may want more time with their kids, or they’re tired of having to dress up for work, or having to pay for gas or child care. Here are the three reasons why I love working from home. Don’t have to worry about a commute –