Happy Birthday!



It’s hard to believe, but this site is now a year old (actually over a year old, I started the original blog on a wordpress.com site on July 8, 2014!).  I hope this site has provided everyone with valuable tips. I’m sorry I’ve been rather slack with posting content the past few months, but my life has been very busy – I’ve been working hard at my regular job at Apptical, as well as doing transcription on Fiverr, and I also recently picked up a freelance writing gig. In addition, I’ve been trying to find ways to modify my two ebooks so they might sell more copies. I’ve been viewing different webinars that have been done at the Self-Publishing Success Summit that started this week, and a lot of the information I’ve learned has been very helpful!  I’ll be posting summaries of those on my other website, My eBook Journey, as often as I can. If you’re not subscribed to the email list for that site, you can sign up here.

Also, if you have ideas for posts you’d like to see on this site, please feel free to comment or drop me a line. I’m always open to ideas! And if you’ve worked from home successfully and would like to share your experience and tips on this site, please free to comment as well.

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