Workflowy vs. Todoist – Which One is Better?

Workflowy vs Todoist

If you’re like me, you probably find you’re most productive when you have a to-do list. I used to keep my to-do lists on paper, but in the past few years I’ve started experimenting with different to-do list apps and websites. One website I found was Workflowy, which I found useful not only for to-do lists but also for making notes for other projects, such as freelance writing projects and even posts for this website and my other websites. You can read more about Workflowy in this post that I wrote for Work at Home Adventures. Recently though, I found Todoist – I’m going to discuss my experience with both in this post.


Workflowy is useful for many things. As I said I’ve used it to keep track of ideas for articles, blog posts, and even ebooks. Because it’s so versatile, however, it can be hard to keep track of to-do lists, at least for me. So I’ve started using Workflowy exclusively for notes and research for my various writing projects. One thing I find about Workflowy is that if I don’t complete a task on a certain day, it’s difficult to copy and paste it to the next day, or to the day that I want to complete it by.


I like Todoist much better because it’s only for to-do lists. It’s much easier to use because I can type to-dos and assign them to a certain day automatically by typing that day into the to-do. certain day. I can also create projects in Todoist and assign different to-do list items to them. I can also create shared projects with others, and whenever someone adds a to-do list item I’ll receive a notification. Others also receive notifications of any tasks I add. If I had Todoist premium I could do a lot more, unfortunately a premium membership is not in my budget right now. Still, I like Todoist better than Workflowy. It’s much easier to use, and it’s easier to keep track of my different to-do list items.

If you’ve used Todoist, Workflowy, or any other to-do list app, I’d love to hear your comments – please feel free to comment below.

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