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11157991_10206996616460378_1378718371_nOne of the things I want to do with this blog is introduce you to people who have been working from home successfully.  The first person I want to introduce you is Miranda Grimm, a blogger I’ve known for quite some time now.  Check out what she had to say about working from home and how it has benefited her and her family, and the tips she has for people who want to work from home:

How did you get started working from home?

I had been working for my families business and bringing my newborn to work with me. As she gold older it became nearly impossible to keep up with her and work in an office. But the thought of putting her in a daycare made me panic. So I decided that although I had never heard of any legit online jobs, I would find something I could do from home!

What kinds of problems did you run into when you started looking for work from home jobs?

Scams and no information. I wasnt sure where to look, how to look or how to check to see if an opportunity were real.

Did you ever get pulled into any work from home scams?

Yes! I fell for a mystery phone scam, signing up for free offers, knowing they would call me. I was suppose to act as though I was actually interested….but it was all just scam and I never got paid. I still get calls and it has been 3 years!

How did people react when you started working from home – did any of them tell you to “go find a real job”? How did you respond?

Most of the people I know were really suspicious of me working from home. What I run into still is that a lot of people just cannot wrap their minds around really working from home. It is all so strange to people like my grandpa. However, after time went on they all began asking questions and seeing if they could find something for themselves as well.

How do you set boundaries with your friends and family so you can accomplish what you need to?

This has been hard. Mostly for me. I loooove being with my family and friends and so I often set work aside so I can hang out all day with a friend…it’s not their fault but my own. Thankfully most of my family and friends totally understand if I need to get back home or turn down a request over work.

How do you keep yourself focused and motivated? 

Making lists helps me stay focused and motivated. I also like to have a routine to what I do. It seems to help me stay on task.

How do you balance working from home with your other responsibilities? 

This has been very hard and honestly I believe impossible. I have 2 kids, my husband is a truck driver and I have multiple websites that I run with friends/family.
Being a mom and homemaker is truly a full time job, so anything I do past that is only taking away from chores and time with my kids.  Something is always being neglected…Fortunately my husband understands my predicament and helps me with what I neglect the most- laundry!

What do you find most stressful about working from home, and what do you do to relieve stress?

The most stressful part about working from home is feeling like I can never just get away. Sometimes I want to break away, but it is always there. My desk is in my living room and so its like I never ‘turn off’ work.

What advice would you give to someone who was thinking about working from home?

When people think about working from home I express how important it is that they are honest with themselves about their self-motivation. It is REALLY hard for a lot of us to work. Many people really do need supervision. There is nothing wrong with that. But if you are that kind of person, you need to know that and accept it. Then you can either work double hard to manage it or realize working from home may not be your best option.

When you started working from home where did you work? did you have a dedicated workspace that you used? Do you have a dedicated work space now?
When I began working from home I had a computer set up in my living room. I have moved since, but it is still in my living room. There is good and bad about it. I can work during the day and not be away from my kids while they play. But I also can’t get away when I really feel like I need to concentrate.

Miranda owns the website Work at Home Adventures, where she and other contributors to the site review different companies that provide work from home jobs. In addition, she lists different work from home jobs on the site. You can find a link to her site on my Resources page.

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