Three Work from Home Professionals Share Their Favorite Productivity Tips

Last week, I shared my favorite productivity tips. This week, three other work from home professionals share their favorite productivity tips.

A. ModestMoney

1) Get yourself a whiteboard if you don’t already have one.   They are very useful for writing down your goals and tasks for each day or week.  That way those lists are right in front of you and not buried somewhere on your computer where it’s easy to neglect.
2) At first when you’re working from home it’s very tempting to take advantage of the newf ound flexibility.  Keep in mind that the more time you take away from your work is more potential money out of your pocket.  Staying disciplined is extremely important.  Beware of all the various distractions that can eat into your work time.
3) Embrace the power of outsourcing.  If you’re just telecommuting this likely isn’t an option.  If you’re doing freelance work or if you’re self employed, outsourcing can be extremely powerful.  You likely keep very busy trying to manage everything while still scaling upwards.  It makes a lot of sense to focus more on your most profitable endeavors while getting contractors to handle the easier or more time consuming stuff.  This is especially true for any areas that don’t match up to your skill set.  Don’t waste your time trying to learn brand new skills only to do a sub-par job.  This doesn’t need to be expensive either.  There are a lot of overseas contractors who can help with all kinds of tasks for under $5/hour.

A. Philtrate ( The Teaching Escape Guy)

Get up early. I try to be out of bed at 4.30 am and at work on the computer at 5am. This is the only way I have total peace and quiet with zero distractions. It doesn’t always work out though and does mean that I am wiped out by 5pm; I need to be in bed by 9.30pm, so I am pretty anti-social in the evenings.

Have more than one place to work. I do all my creative thinking in an armchair with a laptop. Mechanical work is done at my desk, I actually plug the laptop into a 28 inch monitor, but the bigger screen is slower to read than the small one.

Look after yourself. You are only as healthy as your brain and your brain needs nutrients (mine needs supplements too). It needs a break from work, the feel of the Sun on my face or back and the smell of the soil. After a day in the garden I get 3 times as much done as if I had made myself carry o at the computer.

A. Kulwant Nagi (Professional Blogger)

1. Keeping notes of everything which I am doing right now and going to do tomorrow makes me more productive.
2. As per “Eat that Frog” (Book written by Brian Tracy), I do most challanging task first and then continue my other small tasks.
3. Never ever check mails on first priroty after starting you day. Finish your tasks which you have assigned yourself last day, and then check your mails.

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