My Review of “Slipstream Time Hacking” by Benjamin Hardy

slipstream-smallI recently downloaded this book from Amazon – for those of you who don’t know, I love books about personal development and goal setting (among other subjects!) and this one caught my attention because of the title – it made me think of something out of Star Trek.

As I started to read the book, I found that it offered a different way of looking at the tools and techniques that many people who are familiar with goal-setting and personal development books probably already know about – techniques like setting goals, taking advantage of mastermind groups, and creating a morning ritual among other things. He also said something that I kind of agree with, and kind of disagree with – in Chapter 4, he says that passion slows time – I’m not sure about this, it seems like when I’m at my regular job, which I like but I wouldn’t say I’m passionate about, time moves pretty slow sometimes – even when I’m busy. What do the rest of you all think?

Anyway, if you like personal development and goal-setting books as much as I do, I’d definitely suggest checking out Slipstream Time Hacking – it’s definitely worth a read.

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