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Recently, I discovered the website Dynalist. It’s like a more souped up version of Workflowy – it has a lot of the same features, but also a lot of other ones that I think make Dynalist better. In this post, I’ll discuss Dynalist, its features, and what makes it better than Workflowy.

What is Dynalist?

For those of you who are familiar with Workflowy, you know that one of its major downfalls is that it only uses bullet points. This is great if you don’t mind making only bulleted lists, but if you want to make a numbered list or checklist for example, you’re out of luck. This is one of the main reasons I like Dynalist better than Workflowy.

What are the features of Dynalist?

As I already mentioned, one of the main features of Dynalist is that you can insert checkboxes and make numbered lists, in addition to making bulleted lists. Other Dynalist features include:

  1. Being able to highlight individual items
  2. Create separate documents for different lists.
  3. Add notes to items.
  4. Add dates to different items and sync them to Google Calendar.
  5. Use tags to group things.
  6. Insert links to other items on your lists.
  7. Format items with bold, italics or strikethrough.
  8. Search for information within a list.
  9. Back up your lists to Google Drive or Dropbox.

In addition, if you used Workflowy previously, you can sync your Workflowy lists to Dynalist. There are also several keyboard shortcuts you can use within Dynalist – these are provided in a list on the right of the document.

I should mention however, there are several bugs and things that don’t work right – the people at Dynalist are working to correct these, however.

Does Dynalist cost anything?

No, just like Workflowy, Dynalist is free.

Why is Dnyalist better than Workflowy?

Dynalist has a lot more features, which makes it better than Workflowy, although Workflowy is still a great choice for basic bulleted lists.

How do I check out Dynalist?

Check out Dynalist by clicking here.

If you’ve used Dynalist and have any comments, good or bad, to share about it, please feel free to comment below. Please also feel free to share your experiences once you do try Dynalist.

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