Is Insured Profits a Scam?

Recently I found a listing for a company that promised that I’d make a lot money, so I decided to check it out. I started getting emails from Matilda Raynolds – this was the first email I received from her:

Hi Erica

Remember how Bethany quit her job and then moved in to that new apartment?
It must be about two months now but she invited me over last night.

Check this out:

Apparently she met these guys a while ago and THIS is how she did it!
Insane huh?

You will never look back,
Matilda Raynolds

Of course, I didn’t remember her mentioning anything about someone named Bethany quitting her job, but I decided to check out the video anyway.  To sum it up for you, it’s a testimonial from a guy about how he and his wife made a lot of money with a company called Insured Profits.  Insured Profits is a company that promises very high and quick returns to people who are into trading binary options. Here is a more thorough review that explains what binary options are, and why Insured Profits is a scam – this is from the Warrior Forum – you can see the original post here.

Thanks for stopping by to check out my Insured Profits review!

Insured Profits is the latest binary options system to launch and I’ve been taking a closer look to find out more. I’m now ready to share all the details with you.

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I’ve done some digging on Insured Profits and I’ve also found a few interesting things out. The first thing is that Insured Profits is from the same creators who brought us Binary Matrix Pro. They are clearly a group of talented internet marketers who can create very good sales funnels to promote these systems however I know that Binary Matrix Pro did not have very good reviews and people were saying the signal service was fake. When I first looked at it I was extremely optimistic because it looked like a genuine system.

With Insured Profits this is of course another binary options system. I have been speaking to a few people who have already invested money into Insured Profits and what I found out was not very good. One person said he received no members area / software access and the other person said that the signals were 4 days old and the insurance was simply to trade the opposite direction to the other trade. This doesn’t really seem like great insurance.

I personally wouldn’t recommend binary options to anyone because I really think that they are a waste of time. Each week new systems like Insured Profits launch and they are all a clone of the last. In fairness to the guys behind Insured Profits they do put a lot more effort into their systems and have produced far more convincing ones than other marketers, but that doesn’t mean that anyone is actually making money here apart from the affiliates.

With binary options you are gambling on the direction of stocks and currency pairs. The problem is that newbies believe that they are really placing trades in these currency pairs and stocks but you are simply gambling on the direction. If you win a trade the binary options broker is the one who is paying your winnings, and when your lose they are the ones who take your money. It’s just the same as a casino or a betting shop/website!

Think about this… the binary options brokers pay big commissions to their affiliates. In other words if you can send new customers to a binary options broker you will be paid a commission each time the new customer makes a deposit. That means the creators of Insured Profits and their affiliates are making money each time somebody signs up to start using Insured Profits. However if people were really making money, that would mean that the binary options brokers were losing money. So why would they pay the creators of Insured Profits commissions for new customers if they knew that they would then lose money?

This is the reason why I can’t stand behind these binary systems that claim they can make you a fortune, because they can’t. If a binary options broker found out that somebody was trading inside their system and gaming it with a software they would close down their account I am sure of it, because they would be losing money. The reason they stay in business is because the majority of people trading lose money. It’s the same reason a casino stays in business because although a few people might get lucky, most won’t and will lose.

Insured Profits: My Conclusion

Anyone who has read my reviews before knows that I’m not a big fan of binary options so I won’t be recommending Insured Profits. I think the guys behind this are clever internet marketers and will no doubt make a lot of money from this, but I don’t see the customers who will actually be trading making any money.

Of course this is my opinion and you are welcome to do your own due diligence

Thanks for stopping by! Feel free to leave a comment below if you have experience with Insured Profits.

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In conclusion, I personally feel if you want to make money from home, you should stick with tried and true  methods like blogging and working for different companies that offer legitimate work from home jobs, whether they’re phone jobs, freelance writing, transcription, or whatever. If you have any opinions or questions about Insured Profits, please feel free to comment below.


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3 thoughts on “Is Insured Profits a Scam?

  1. thanx for the review..but may i suggest..that if u have any idea of companies who are legitimate online…is it possible for u to add it to in your article..anyway, i know u really want to help the viewers and future entrepreneurs..Thank you

  2. the link she posts in your blog is a malicious website, i would suggest updating your virus logger cause yours shoulda told you that the moment you clicked on it.

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