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Are you a writer trying to increase your word count, or are you trying to develop a freewriting habit If so there’s a great site that can help you with that – This purpose of this site is to encourage you to write at least 750 words a day.  How do they do that? I’ll discuss that in this post.

What is is a site where you can write anything, on any topic – your work is kept private  unless you choose to share it.  Your goal is to write at least 750 words per day – each day you do, you’ll see a little X in the box for that day – if you don’t, you’ll see a / mark: 


Does 750words give me any incentive to keep writing 750 words a day?

Yes. If you write anything at all for the day, whether you reach 750 words or not, you get one point. If you write 750 words or more, you get two points. If you write for 2, 3, or more days in a row you get even more points. You can also see how others on the site are doing with their  points, if that’s something that interests you.  You also earn badges for different achievements, such as becoming a member and being active for a certain number of days.

In addition, you can learn about yourself in the process. You’ll learn things like how often you get distracted, and how fast you write. You can see an example of one of my pages here.

Also, you have the option to enter their challenge  – they run a monthly challenge where they encourage people to write 750 words per day. You can set up goals for yourself for the challenge, such as consequences if you don’t write 750 words per day. In addition, if you do write 750 words per day during the challenge, your name is added to their Wall of Amazingness. If you don’t it’s added to their Wall of Shame.

What if I want to enter a challenge and I’m not going to be able to write every day?

If you know in advance you’re not going to be able to write 750 words every day in a month, you can schedule time off. All you have to do is select “Schedule Time Off” under Settings, and enter the dates you won’t be able to write every day.  That way your streak will be preserved, and if you’re entered in the writing challenge you’ll still have a chance to accomplish it.

Can I download my entries?

Yes,  if you want to use information you typed in one of your entries for a blog post or article, you can download your entries for a month as a text file. I will warn you though, it’s difficult to tell where each entry stops and ends – you may have to look at it real good to find the entry you’re looking for.

Can I add any special formatting or pictures to my entries?

No – however if you chose to use any of your freewriting in articles or blog posts you publish later, you can include it then.

Do they have apps for the iPhone or Android?

No, but they do have a mobile site you can log into.

Does it cost anything to use the site?

You can try the site for the first month for free, after that it’s $5 a month. However, for each month you’re a paid number you get a Cup of Patronage – you can use these to vote for features on the site or to write inspired notes to other members.

How do I get started with

All you have to do is go to their website to learn more and sign up.

If you’re trying to increase the amount you write every day, develop a freewriting habit, or just want a private place for your writing, really is worth it. Check them oout!




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