Improve Blog Posts, Articles and Emails with Don’t Hit Publish

Recently I discovered a new tool that Jeff Goins created called Don’t Hit Publish. This app helps writers of shorter form content, such as articles, blog posts and emails (not eBooks) figure out if their content is ready to be published. In this blog post, I’ll provide information on Don’t Hit Publish and how to use it.

What is Don’t Hit Publish?

Don’t Hit Publish is a website created by Jeff Goins, that helps people who write shorter content figure out if their content is ready to be published or sent. 

What types of writing is Don’t Hit Publish best for?

Don’t Hit Publish is best used for blog posts, articles and emails.

How do I Use Don’t Hit Publish?

  1. Go to Don’t Hit Publish and set up a free account.
  2. Provide the information requested and answer the questions.
  3. Get your score, and check out the action items suggested.

As an example, I followed the steps above for this blog post and came out with this score:

These were the steps that Don’t Hit Publish suggested for this blog post:

How can Don’t Hit Publish help me improve my writing?

Don’t Hit Publish can help you by suggesting steps to take on your writing based on the answers you provide, which will ultimately strengthen your writing and help you achieve the goals you want to achieve with it.


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