How to Save Time When Checking Multiple Email Accounts

Iemail-logof you have multiple email accounts, it can be time-consuming to go to each website and check all of them – there must be a way you can have all your emails in one place right? Well the good news is there is – depending on your email provider, you can either forward emails from one email address to another, or you can add your email account to another website, such as Yahoo. In this article I’ll discuss both how to add external email accounts to Yahoo, and how to forward email from other email accounts to Gmail.

How to Add External Email Accounts to Yahoo:

If Yahoo is the website you use most often, it would be most beneficial for you to link all your email accounts to Yahoo. Here is how you go about doing that:

  1. Go to Settings —> Accounts in Yahoo Mail, and select “Add another mailbox”
  2. Select your email provider, for example Gmail.
  3. Follow the instructions – you’ll have to provide your account information, including your email address and password. If you have two-factor authentication enabled for Gmail, there will be one extra step.
  4. After you’ve added your Gmail account, it will show as pending for a while, while it gathers your emails – then you’ll be able to send, receive, and Gmail from the Yahoo web site, as well as the Yahoo Mail Android and iOS apps.

How to Forward Emails from Another Email Address to Gmail:

  1. Open the client you want to forward emails from (for this example I’ll use Yahoo)
  2. Go to your settings – in Yahoo you would click the gear icon and choose settings.
  3. Select the Account tab and click the edit button of the default Yahoo account.
  4. After you click on this a window will pop up – check “forward Yahoo mail to another email address”
  5. Fill in the emaill address you want to forward your email to (Gmail in this case)
  6. Click on the save button.
  7. After that, Yahoo will ask you to verify your Gmail address – after that’s done your email will be forwarded from Yahoo to Gmail.

I prefer to forward my emails to my Gmail account, because I use it fur business and have it open most of the day anyway, but you can use whichever method works best for you.

I hope this post has provided some useful information – in future I’ll talk about how to group important emails for different email providers.




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