How a Daily Routine Calendar Can Help you Avoid Distractions – A Guest Post by Amira Chuganova

Our brains deal with a lot of information on a daily basis and our attention span is decreasing. Sometimes even the basic tasks aren’t completed because we get distracted by other things. Having a detailed calendar can help you stay focused on the tasks you have to complete. 

These distractions are starting to affect every part of our lives, not just our work lives. A majority of us have an established daily routine. With so many obligations, it is easy to get distracted with an email or social media and skip our routines. Some examples can be going late to sleep because you ended up watching funny videos until 3am on Facebook. Sometimes you work or study so hard that you skip breakfast or lunch.

Your daily tasks fall into those tasks that you accidentally forget because you get distracted. To get back into your routine and keep yourself on track, you can use calendar scheduling to remind yourself of your basic tasks.

Using Calendars for Scheduling

Plenty of calendar apps are out there for you to pick to use for your benefit. Most of these calendars have a built-in system for reminders. They are also available on the technology we use every day. Using a calendar that has the ability to sync with your phone allows you more mobility, knowing that you can access your schedule at any time.

A good addition to digital calendars is the option to have different calendars that don’t have to be seen at the same time. This feature helps you avoid cluttering your calendar and displaying only the calendar that applies to your current needs.

When creating a calendar that will focus on your daily needs, you will need to set up a new calendar. You can name it whatever sounds best to you, such as “Daily Tasks”, “Daily Routine”, or “My Every Day”, whatever makes you feel comfortable.

The next step will be creating a new event such as “eat lunch” or “do a 20-min workout.” Once you create this new task, you can set it to be a reoccurring event. You can adjust the repetition of the event to every day, couple of days in a week, or just one specific day.

You can set up a reminder that will pop-up as the event is happening. When you see the pop-up reminder, you should drop everything you’re doing and complete your daily task. Make sure that these tasks occur when you’re least busy throughout the day. This will make it easier to take a break to eat lunch or workout. After a while, your daily reminder will become an easy routine.

It might seem ridiculous having to put these seemingly petty tasks on your calendar, but you need to focus on your mental and physical well-being. If you are constantly getting distracted from eating on time or taking a break from staring at the screen for a long time, this might be a sign that you need to start using daily task reminders.

In the long-run, these distractions can be very harmful to your well-being unless you start doing something right now to help yourself stay on track. Not to mention how much more productive you are when you are well-fed, rested and full of energy. This calendar is here to remind you to prioritize yourself over other tasks.

Amira Chugunova is a business writer with an interest in time-saving technology, such as JobTraQ.

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