Health Insurance Options for People Who Work from Home


In the previous post, I talked about different things you need to consider when looking into health insurance. In this post, I’ll provide information on some resources you can look at for health insurance or health care information.

Freshbennies – This site isn’t health insurance – instead, what you can do is call or video chat with a US-based, board-certified doctor any time – the service is available 365 days a year. You can consult them abound common ailments, and even get a prescription written at no additional cost. In addition, you can use the Medical Health Advisor to get information on different health insurance options.  In addition, freshbennies offers other health services as well as some non-health services that may be useful to people who work from home. The services offered by freshbennies are not free, but the cost is very reasonable, even for people who work from home.  If you choose just the health services, the cost is $12 a month.  If you want the health services plus the security saver services, you’ll pay $22 a month.

Local and State Health Care services – Another good thing to check out is your local and state health care services – depending on how much you make, you may be eligible for low-cost healthcare through your state health department.

eHealthInsurance – If you work for a company that doesn’t provide health insurance, and you need coverage for yourself  or your family, eHealthInsurance is a great site to look at.  You can find information on coverage for health insurance, dental insurance, and vision insurance, as well as short-term health insurance. You can find individual and family plans there or group plans if you own a small business.

Ameriplan – Ameriplan is not insurance – instead you get discounts on different healthcare services. You can choose from Dental Plus, which offers discounts on dental, vision, prescription and chiropractic services, Ameriplan MD plus, which gives you access to doctors by phone or email, as well as immediate savings on prescriptions, Ameriplan Healthcare, which is a combination of Ameriplan Dental as well as savings on medical care, or Ameriplan Lifestyle, which includes everything in Ameriplan Healthcare as well as savings on dining, automotive, recreation, shopping, and business and technology services, among other things.

Supplemental Coverage – If you’ve seen the Aflac commercials, you know a little about what supplemental coverage is. While it’s technically not insurance, the prices are generally more reasonable, and you can purchase only what you need – dental, vision, life, and even treatment for cancer and other diseases. When you have to have medical care, you make a claim and the supplemental plan rebates you a set amount of money based on the plan you’ve chosen.

Freelancers Union – Freelancers Union is free to join, and offers a number benefits, such as discounts on products and services you need to run your business, and group health insurance. The benefits may not be as much as you’d like, and they’ll cost more than what you pay through an employer. In addition, benefits available vary depending on where you live – when I put in my zip code, the only benefits that were available were dental, disability, liability, term life, and retirement benefits. However, it’s one way to take advantage of health insurance through a solid, stable, reputable company.

I hope this article has provided some useful information on health insurance options for people who work from home.  Whether you work for yourself or for someone else, it’s important to have benefits, and the sites mentioned above make it possible for people who work for themselves to be able to find affordable benefits.

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