Finding Balance When Working from Home – Three Work from Home Professionals Share Their Views

In September I wrote a blog post where I shared my tips for finding balance between work and life when working from home.  Today I’d like to share how three other work from home professionals find balance when working from home.

How do you find balance between work and home?

 A. Polsol – Jules Kal (Ms)

I used to go chasing rabbits down rabbit holes to put it nicely…! Before I knew it half the day as gone. So I created a schedule.

You have to be Very strict on you coz the Buck stops with you. You either get the results You need from your work day or you don’t get PAID period. YOU ARE THE BOSS, so start acting like one.

Wake up And get ready, like you were going to a corporate job. BUT have a leisurely cuppa, do some excercise, listen to some motivational audios while you do this or your daily self development training- multi task 🙂 ,Then take a shower & you are ready for your work day. Do you have a designated workplace in your house? Create one even if its the Dining table, while the Clan is away…!

Do you have an Action Plan? Create one and Follow it with Designated Breaks and an END TIME. I finish at 4:00 pm daily. Its school pick up time & Family time begins for me.

So I have
90 Minutess deal with emails and my list
90 Minutes Marketing and Lead generation
90 Minutes Social Media
90 Minutes Self Development

The rest of the day  5 days a week belongs to Family no exceptions. Saturdays are my Research days if we are not out doing family things and Sundays are DAYS OFF, Worship, to tune in to the universe & my Creator. I could send you a detailed Action Plan To focus your energies. Let me know if you need it simply send me a message via my website contact page. Good luck,
Jules aka PolSol

A. Rhonda White

It’s great to reward yourself time off.  It actually produces more producitivity and helps avoid burnout.

Just as you would prioritize your to do tasks, prioritize certain hours off for family time and hobbies.

If your workload is too full, consider outsourcing very small, tedious tasks.
Spend less time on social media and get your money-making tasks done first.
Discipline yourself to go to bed at an earlier time and get up earlier to work in the quiet hours before the rush sets in.

Use your best engergectic hours and also the time when you can work with the least amount of interruptions to get the most use out of your work time.

Be realistic on what you can handle before taking on more work or new projects.

A. Patricia Anthony (E-commerce Strategist)

As an E-commerce Strategist part of my job involves helping small business companies to grow and increase profits by raising productivity and becoming more strategic in their approach. These companies rely on me and there’s a lot of pressure to get it right. Getting it right for them also means finding the right balance in my own life. Simple strategies like waking up earlier, keeping an organized schedule and planning ahead have been exceptionally useful in maintaining work life equilibrium.
What works best in me in creating a work life balance has been revealed to me over time, through a process of exploration and discovery. I’ve come to realize that it’s easier to maintain that balance by equipping myself with tools that make it easier to remain or move closer towards my desired equilibrium. A few nifty mobile applications have come in rather handy in finding my balance, as well as helping me to monitor and track my progress.
It’s easier for me to move towards my targeted point of equilibrium when I have a visual picture of my life. The Life Planner app is an easy and intuitive time planning tool that I’ve found particularly useful in that regard. It provides a pie chart view of my life, based on my daily scheduled tasks. It enables me to get a clearer picture of what areas are priorities in my life and how much time and energy is being given to each. The Priority Matrix app enables me to maintain a more balanced way of completing tasks, through a matrix system that prioritizes the urgency and importance of each task. I’m able to accomplish more and keep on top of the most critical tasks during the day. It can be used in prioritizing tasks relating to both your work and personal life, using a separate or joint matrix system, depending on your preferences.
For me, the best way to continuously work towards my goals of maintaining my ideal work life balance comes through retooling myself to practice and make routine habits that foster my ideal balance. I use 3 apps in combination to accomplish this. The Hack My Life app teaches me neat tips and tricks that I can apply to various aspects of my life. I also use the Life Organizer app to help me cultivate a personal culture of balance through a process of annual goal setting and weekly planning. This app, which is complete with calendar and note taking features, also gives me access to online tools for building life hacking skills. My other tool in this 3 stage process is the 1st Step ToDo app which I use to problem solve my way to taking the right steps towards cultivating new habits and taking action in achieving my ideal work life balance.
These apps are not only useful for life hacking but are also free. I recommend that small business owners particularly work at home moms, or just about anyone, try them out in combination with their own favorite apps to gradually improve their work life balance. Ultimately, finding your right fit is about defining your personal equilibrium and getting creative in discovering what really works for you.
Patricia Anthony

What do you do to find balance between work and life? Share your ideas in the comments section.

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