Desk Exercises for People Who Work from Home


Because most work from home jobs are very sedentary, many people end up gaining weight when they work from home.  Their jobs, as well as their other commitments, leave them little time to exercise.  Luckily, there are a few workouts you can do at your desk.  This post will provide some information on these workouts, as well as links to access them.

11 Minute Chair Cardio Workout – This is a beginner to intermediate workout. It is a low impact cardio workout that you can do while you’re sitting in a chair. Because this workout is done sitting in a chair, there is no impact on your  joints, and you don’t need any equipment. If you want to get more of a workout, you can speed up or slow down the movements.

9 Minute Seated Arm and Shoulder Workout – This beginner to intermediate workout leads you through a series of arm and shoulder exercises that you can do while sitting in a chair. These exercises tone the biceps, triceps, forearms, shoulders and upper back.  When doing this workout, be sure you’re not sitting in a chair with wheels, and also make sure you engage your core muscles while doing this workout. This workout requires weights, however the first time I did it I used no weights so I could get used to the movements.  The amount of weight you choose is up to you, but be sure you don’t use a weight that’s too heavy or too light – if you’re trying to define your muscles you want to be able to lift the weight 12-15 times before your muscles get tired.

12 Minute Seated Core Desk Workout – This 12 minute workout leads you through a series of exercises that work the abs, obliques and lower back. You don’t need any equipment for this workout, but you’ll want to make sure you’re sitting in a stable chair when you do this workout. When you’re doing this workout, be sure to sit as tall as possible and engage your abdominal muscles during every  move. Also, be sure you work through your own range of motion – don’t overdo the exercises to the point of being in pain.

Additional Desk Workouts

Here are a few other ideas for ways you can work at your desk, or close to you desk, in addition to doing the videos above:
  • If you have a stability ball, try sitting on that while you work.
  • If you have light weights, take a short break and do some arm exercises with them.
  • Take short breaks and do some push-ups – push-ups can be done facing a wall as on the floor, or do some squats or lunges.
  • If you want to get some cardio in, take short breaks and run or march in place – if you do phone work though, be sure that you don’t get too winded in between calls!

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