Allowing Workers to Work from Home and Making Sure They’re Staying Productive

These days, it’s very common to allow your employees to work from home full or part-time. Whole books have been been written about companies that allow people to work from home, and there are numerous websites that list information on companies that allow people to work from home.  Most of these companies have ways of making sure their workers stay productive -for example most companies that hire people to take or make calls from home make sure that they have enough calls coming in so that their workers won’t have a lot of lag time between calls, or if they hire people to make outbound calls, they make sure they  have enough calls for their workers to make. But what about other companies that are smaller and have fewer workers? For this post I asked people if they allow their workers to work from home, and if so how they make sure their workers are being productive. Here are the responses I got: 

Q. Do you allow your employees to work from home? Why or why not?

A. irynya25 (What is the future of Google+?)

Today it is a quite popular way to work remotely. I run my own service called SE Ranking and most of my employees work remotely at home. It is relly convenient for employers as you don’t need to hire them and pay taxes. You save money and time. But there are a few disadvantages. If you give tasks to your employees, there is no a guarantee that your task will be done on time or won’t be done at all. I think that there is always some risk to be scammed. But I allow employees work from home.

A. Shyam Bhardwaj (SEO Consultant)

Yes of course. I believe in this work model. The concept of hiring VAs (Virtual assistants), many marketers, agencies and magazines are using this successfully. If you could find an employee, who has excellent skills, exposure but he or she can’t join you full time as permanent employee, then why not to offer them virtual/remote jobs.

Q. If you do allow your employees to work from home, how do you make sure they’re being productive?

A. irynya25 (What is the future of Google+?)

I am a big amateur of hiring employees and allowing them to work at home. When I allow my employees to work remotely, I give them my laptops and install the program WorkExaminer that helps me to track all the working activities, monitor their emails, chats and working hours. It is really conveniet and allows me to track the productivity of each employee. I know it may be illegal to do like that, but it works for me well.

A. Shyam Bhardwaj (SEO Consultant)

Communication is the only key in this scene. Better you hire VAs or let your employees work from home during your business hours. This way, you can regularly communicate with them, see their work reports and Call them on a fixed schedule to finalize things moving ahead. I personally make use of CRMs to track all things they’re doing everyday.


If you’re an employer and you allow your employees to work from home, I’d love to hear your thoughts on this topic. Please feel free to comment below.


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